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Tournament rules

EuroCasinoBet is preparing tournaments these days. Coming soon…

A casino tournament is held on one game or on a group of games. You compete against the other casino players playing this game. The objective is to get the highest score of all people. You have to play a minimum amount of given rounds.

The casino tournaments are free to enter and anyone can take part; you have to be registered and have an account at EuroCasinoBet, that’s all. You receive such an account automatically upon your first deposit of funds (Visa, bank transfer…). Play in real money mode on a game that takes part in a tournament anywhere between the start- and end-time of that tournament and you’re automatically entered; there are no extra fees for participating! Game play in fun mode does not count towards the tournament.

EuroCasinoBet can use different formulas in order to calculate your current ranking:

  • The best net win in 20 consecutive rounds
    The player with the highest (Win – Bet) score summary of 20 rounds played in succession wins. The system keeps constant track of which sequence of 20 rounds gives the best Win – Bet for the player and calculates the score. During the player’s first 20 rounds the score on the leader board is updated after every round. If the score is better than the previously best then this becomes the new best score and so on.
  • The best net win in 20 consecutive rounds with equalized payouts
    This formula is based on the ’20 best consecutive rounds with equalized payout’. The tournament holds a list with the 20 best consecutive rounds of every user playing the tournament. The Equalized Payout comes down to how we calculate the scores using the following formula:
    Score = 100 * (Win Round 1/Bet Round 1 + Win Round 2/Bet Round 2 + …)/ 20
    Example: Stake €10, net win €50: ((50/10)*100) -> your score here is 500
  • The best net win
    According to this way of calculating, the winner is the one who has the highest total win on all game rounds.
    Result = Total amount won – Total amount bet.

Should 2 players tie in the winning places with the same score then the prize money will be shared by the tying players. For example, if two players have the same score and tie for the 1st position they then occupy the prize money position 1 and 2 and the money of the 1st and 2nd place will be shared by these two players.

If you finish in the winning places the money will be automatically credited to your casino account once the tournament finishes.