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Join EuroCasinoBet today and enjoy the enormous benefits we bring to you with our bonus packages of euroClub casino game suite. As your concern becomes ours and your interest matters a lot to us, we have bundled comprehensive packages that can take you to another wavelength with which you can place your bet and win a colossal amount.

Becoming a EuroCasinoBet player will significantly increase your bankroll and the player will have an opportunity to receive generous Casino Cash Bonus. EuroCasinoBet has a suite of bonuses to offer and below we explained what the bonuses are.

Before delving deep into our range of bonus packages, we would like to keep you abreast with our general bonus rules which you have to review if you wish to place bet.

General Bonus Rules

Online casinos offer bonuses to keep up with customers and raise their portfolio so they can cope with finances when playing online. Bonuses are given to entice the players and let them play more games in the casino. We explicitly state the conditions for the bonuses below and how best to acquire and use them for your own advantage.

No player is allowed to open more than one account for the purpose of acquiring bonuses. If we find a player with multiple accounts, EuroCasinoBet at our unfettered discretion reserves the right to close the account and funds/bonuses will be forfeited.

When a player receives a bonus, the bonus money received is considered just bonus money. In other words it is not cash money and cannot be withdrawn. Bonus money is always wagered with last priority in games. When a player wins using bonus money, the money won is also considered bonus money. A player however, can convert a certain amount (specified in each of the bonus details further down) of his bonus money to cash money by completing the wagering requirement. The wagering requirement is a required amount that needs to be wagered on games using the bonus money in order to convert the bonus money to cash. In most cases the wager requirement is calculated as follows: [original_bonus_amount]x30. Note that for euroClub casino game suite, only wagering of bonus money counts towards wager contribution.

When a player has multiple bonuses running active on the account, the player has to fulfill the wager requirement for the first bonus to be able to cash it out and then second and so on.

Not all games have wager contribution: Some games have wager contribution of 0 while others have a wager contribution of 100. For instance, bonuses cannot be converted to cash by playing of roulette games and many table games as their wagering contribution has a null (0) value. Some games for example have a contribution of 25%. This means that only 25% of the wagering on those games is contributed towards the requirement for converting bonuses. For more information on wager contribution of euroClub games, click here.

EuroCasinoBet reserves the right to review a player’s account after a period of time and if found abusing bonuses, we will strip the bonus privilege from you and you can continue playing without any bonus being added to your account.

Welcome and monthly bonuses cannot both be given on the same month. If you obtain a welcome bonus, you cannot obtain a monthly bonus on the same month, you will receive your first monthly bonus with the first deposit of the next month. All bonuses expire 15 days after the day they are granted. If you do not convert your bonus within this period, it will expire. The minimum deposit on your casino account to obtain bonus is €20.

EuroCasinoBet can alter the bonus program if they wish to do so without any notification.

Forfeiting Bonus

You have the option to forfeit your bonuses and play straight with your money. In this case, you need to contact and inform them of your intention. To remind you that forfeiting a bonus before completing the required wagering remains insignificant and any bonus winnings will be removed.

Casino Bonus Types

EuroClub casino offers a range of bonuses to help you get more enjoyment from the casino. We clearly explained the type of bonuses we give and the specific wager requirement of each bonus below.

Welcome Bonus

Monthly bonus

Birthday Bonus

Cash Back Bonus

Special Bonus

Welcome Bonus – Double money

This is the first bonus a new player is entitled to get after registering and making first deposit in EuroCasinoBet euroClub casino while maintaining a real money account in the casino. Welcome bonus occurs once in a player’s lifetime in our casino. We mean this is a one-time transaction bonus on your first deposit and EuroCasinoBet uses this bonus as a way of saying ‘welcome or hello’ to new players.

If you are newly registered in EuroCasinoBet, you will get 100% bonus on your first deposit up to a maximum deposit of €200, effectively doubling your money. For instance, if you deposit €200 you will get another €200 bonus and your account balance will be credited with €400. And remember that the minimum deposit amount is €20 and the maximum allowed deposit is €500.

Welcome Bonus Wager Requirement

As we welcome you into the casino, you should be able to turn the welcome bonus into cash money so you can withdraw it. Before you can withdraw it, you have to fulfill a wager requirement to be able to get the money ready for withdrawal. To fulfill the wager requirement, a player has to wager 30 times his bonus money. Note that bonus money is always wagered with last priority compared to cash money. So the wagering of bonus money will start counting after you have only bonus money remaining to wager, or if you wager the bonus money together with all your cash money.

Example: Deposit €100 + €100 bonus – wager €100 X 30 = €3000.

Maximum amount of bonus money convertable to cash is €300

Monthly Bonus – 50%

This bonus is meant for registered players and players who have an active account with EuroCasinoBet. Every month each player is entitled to a monthly bonus if he/she makes a deposit to euroClub casino game suite. If a player makes several deposits in a month, it is only the first deposit that gets the monthly bonus whilst the rest of the deposits will not be eligible.

EuroCasinoBet gives you a 50% bonus on your first monthly deposit up to a maximum of €100 bonus. This is applicable to deposit up to €200. Players depositing amounts greater than €200, will be credited with the maximum of €100.

Case 1: Monthly deposits (less than) < €200 -> gets 50% of the deposit amount.

Case 2: Monthly deposit (greater than) > €200 -> gets €100.

Monthly Bonus Wager Requirement

To be able to convert your monthly bonus to cash, it is required to wager 30 times the bonus money. Note that bonus money is always wagered with last priority compared to cash money. So the wagering of bonus money will start counting after you have only bonus money remaining to wager, or if you wager the bonus money together with all your cash money.

Example 1: Deposit €100 + 50 = €150 -> wager 30 x 50 = 1500

Example 2: Deposit €200 + €100 -> wager 30 x 100 = 3000

Example 3: Deposit €250 + €100 -> wager 30 x 100 = 3000

Maximum amount of bonus money convertable to cash is €150

Birthday Bonus

EuroCasinoBet joins the celebrations of your Birthday.

For this special day of your life rewards you with surprise birthday bonus and wish you Good Luck.

Bonus Wager Requirement

To turn the bonus in to cash you must wager the bonus money times 30.

Example: If you get 20 euro bonus you must wager 20 x 30 = € 600.

Maximum amount of bonus money convertable to cash is €30

Cash Back Bonus

With us, even when you lose you win. How is that possible?

It is very simple. Every month end we calculate your real money deposits from where we deduct your winnings – withdrawals and if the balance it is positive we return to your account the 10% as bonus money bonus with max amount of €100 euros.

Bonus Wager Requirement

Cash back bonus amount times 30.

Example: Real money month end deposit amount € 1000. Winning – withdrawals at the month end €500. Losses at the Month end € 500.

DEP €1000- Win €500 = € 500 X 10% = € 50 cash back bonus. To turn it to cash you must wager €50 X 30 = € 1500.

Maximum amount of bonus money convertable to cash is €100

Special Bonus

We offer a special bonus which is only valid for a certain period of time and is mostly available on festivities and/or occasional circumstances. The special bonus can be granted through payment providers or affiliate pages. Players will take a certain percentage or a set amount when the specific requirement is fulfilled. So it is up to the player to keep up to date with promotions offered on our web page or sign up for our newsletter for updates on our promotions.