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Bonus Information

Join Eurocasinobet today and enjoy the enormous benefits we bring to you with our bonus packages. As your concern becomes ours and your interest matters a lot to us, we have bundled comprehensive packages that can take you to another wavelength with which you can place your bet and win a colossal amount.

Becoming a Eurocasinobet player will significantly increase your bankroll and the player will have an opportunity to receive generous Casino Cash Bonus. Eurocasinobet has a suite of bonuses to offer and below we explained what the bonuses are. And if you wish to know the general rules concerning our bonus offers, please click here.

Casino Bonus Types

Eurocasinobet offers a range of bonuses to help you get more enjoyment from the casino. We clearly explained the type of bonuses we give and the specific wager requirement of each bonus below.

  1. Welcome Bonus
  2. Monthly bonus
  3. Reward Bonus
  4. Consistency Bonus
  5. Special Bonus
  6. Refer a friend

Welcome Bonus

This is the first bonus a new player is entitled to get after registering and making first deposit in Eurocasinobet while maintaining a real money account in the casino. Welcome bonus occurs once in a player’s lifetime in our casino. We mean this is a one-time transaction bonus on your first deposit and Eurocasinobet uses this bonus as a way of saying ‘welcome or hello’ to new players.

50% Welcome Bonus

If you are newly registered in Eurocasinobet, you will get 50% bonus on your first deposit up to a maximum deposit of €200. For instance, if you deposit €200 you will get another €100 and your account balance will be credited with €300. And remember that the minimum deposit amount is €20 and the maximum allowed deposit is €500. So it is recommended that a player should deposit at least €20 in order to give life to his/her account and not allowing the account to fall empty.

Welcome Bonus Wager Requirement

As we welcome you into the casino, you should be able to turn the welcome bonus into cash money so you can withdraw it. Before you can withdraw it, you have to fulfil a wager requirement to be able to get the money ready for withdrawal. To fulfil the wager requirement, a player has to wager 30 times the deposit amount plus the bonus.

Option 1: Deposit €100 + €50 bonus -> wager 150 X 30 = €4500.

The more you play and wager the more points you earn and the more eligible for subsequent bonuses.

Monthly Bonus

This bonus is meant for registered players and players who have an active account with Eurocasinobet. Every month each player is entitled to a monthly bonus if he/she makes a deposit. If a player makes several deposits in a month, it is only the first deposit that gets the monthly bonus whilst the rest of the deposits will not be eligible.

30% Monthly Bonus

Eurocasinobet gives you a 30% bonus on your first monthly deposit up to a maximum of €60.This is applicable to deposit less than €200. Players’ depositing amounts greater than €200, will be credited with the maximum of €60.

Option 2: Monthly deposits (less than) < €200 -> gets 30% of the deposit amount.

Option 3: Monthly deposit (greater than) > €200 -> gets €60 on the deposit amount.

Monthly Bonus Wager Requirement

To be able to convert your monthly bonus, it is required to wager 14 times the bonus amount plus the deposit.

Option 4: Deposit €100 + €30 -> wager 14 x 130 = 1820

Option 5: Deposit €200 + €60 -> wager 14 x 260 = 3640

Option 6: Deposit €210 + €60 -> wager 14 X 260 = 3640:

Options 4 is less than €200 so the player will get 30% of 100; option 5 is €60 from €200 and option 6 is the same as €200 which still gives you €60 and hence is calculated as shown above.

Reward Bonus

Reward bonus is a bonus applicable only for particular games. It is a bonus that is triggered when games such as slots and video slots are played. You need to be registered, make your first deposit and proceed to ‘casino games‘ where you can play slot and video slot games to get this bonus. For more information click here.

Reward Bonus Wager Requirement

You will get a reward bonus of €100 for playing slots and video slots. To be eligible for the reward bonus, you have to bet €2000 prior to the bonus being sent to your account. Finally, to convert the bonus money into cash money, you will need to wager 60 times the bonus amount. ( 100 x 60 = 6000)

Consistency Bonus

You will be highly rewarded by how often you bet in the casino. The consistency bonus is a point based system easy for a player to attain and have money added to his/her casino account. If you have been frequently placing bets with us, you have a greater possibility of winning the bonus.

The more you play the more points you gain with our new point system. And whilst you are entertaining yourself and trying your luck, you will collect points on your account after each stake. You can then convert them to real money and play for free!

Points Conversion

You should login to the casino and browse to the cashier section on the menu. When selecting the Points tab you will be able to view your points. It is very simple, 100 points = €1 and by clicking on ‘Convert’ the money will be added to your account as a bonus. To turn it to cash you should wager the bonus amount once. For example if you get €10 bonus you must wager €10 x 1 = €10.

Special Bonus

We offer a special bonus which is only valid for a certain period of time and is mostly available on festivities and/or occassional circumstances. The special bonus can be granted through payment providers or affiliate pages. Players will take a certain percentage or a set amount when the specific requirement is fulfilled. So it is up to the player to keep up to date with promotions offered on our web page or sign up for our newsletter for updates on our promotions.

* Neteller Promotional Bonus *

This bonus is a onetime bonus of 10% on a player’s first deposit with Neteller for a maximum of €50 bonus. The bonus is of limited availability and can be awarded for the period between 1-June-2012 and 30-June-2012. This bonus can be given concurrently with a welcome bonus or a monthly bonus. For example, if the deposit is the first deposit of the month and it is a deposit via Neteller the player will receive 30% Monthly Bonus + 10% the Neteller Promotion Bonus. For a maximum of €60 + €50 bonuses respectively. However, in the case where the Neteller Promotion bonus is given concurrently with another bonus or given to a player who has existing unfulfilled bonuses then the Neteller Promotion Bonus is put into a pending state queue which the player can see but cannot use until he fulfills the wager requirements of the other bonuses. Also, if the player makes a withdraw before completing the wager requirements of existing bonuses and the Neteller Promotion Bonus then the Neteller Promotion Bonus will be forfeited.

Refer a Friend

This is one-of-a-kind bonus to increase your bankroll! Recommend your friends to register and make a desposit with Eurocasinobet then cash money will be paid into your account. The process is very simple and straightforward.

Refer a Friend Eligibilities

For clarity purposes, we defined the following terms:

‘Referring Friend’ is the person who sends an invitation to a friend.

‘Referred Friend’ is the person being invited/ or responding to the invitation

The following requirements apply:

    • The player must be registered with Eurocasinobet for at least one month and have an active account;
    • The player must have made at least one deposit and played within one month before referring his/her friend;
    • The Referred Friend will be able to open an account in Eurocasinobet within 30 days starting from the time we received the ‘Refer a Friend’ request The Referred Friend will open the account with the same information provided by the ‘Referring friend’ ( promo code);
    • The bonus entitlement will be credited to the balance of the Referring Friend with the following amounts, once the above conditions are met: €20 – if 1-3 referred friends fulfilled the conditions; €30 – if 3-5 referred friends fulfilled the conditions; €40 – if more than 5 referred friends fulfilled the conditions.


  • Eurocasinobet only allows one player to have one account and the Referred friend must not have existing and/or active account with us before being invited;
  • The Referred friend will honestly provide his real information and must adhere to opening account rules and regulations;
  • Upon registration the bonus promo code issued to the Referring Friend must be exactly the same as the Referred Friend’s promo code field;
  • The Referred friend account should be open within 30 days from the time of receiving the request at Eurocasinobet;
  • The referred friend will get €20 bonus balance after he/she has successfully registered and made a deposit of €100 within 30 days. The player can deposit the €100 once or any other amount less than € 100 that cumulatively total to €100. Before €100 is deposited, the player is not allowed to make a withdrawal as any withdrawal cancels his/her bonus entitlement.
  • The wager requirement is bonus amount €20 times 60. 20 x 60 -> 1200 and expires after 30 days.